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Post  Dark on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:57 pm

1.)Do not use !speak to make everyone say stupid things. One Complaint will be resolved in a De-Motion or a Suspension.

2.) The server Isn't running on alot of RAM, mass spawning bosses like , horntail,zakum, pianus, papulatus highers the chance of a Server crash Happening.
Consequences if Broken: Demotion and account reset

3.)Do not abuse your commands, Examples: Favoring players, favoring your friends.
Consequences if Broken: Demotion and Ban of Both player(s)

4.)NEVER EVER Give out free items. Except for events.
Consequences if Broken: Demotion and Account reset your account and the person who got the free items.

5.) Do not warp any GM's or Un-Buff Any GM's Without their permission.
Consequences if Broken: Demotion and Account reset

6.)Do not hide. You can only hide when you are catching hackers or hosting an event.
Consequences if Broken: Demotion and Account Reset

7.)Notify the owner or administrator if someone is hacking. Jail them 1st. Use the command !jail 2 [Char Name]
Consequences if Broken: Will be talked to and lectured.

8.)Events are not to be held without Administrator or Owner's permission. Small Games like Trivia may be held but events like jump quests are not to be held until an Administrator or Owner is on.

Administrator- Xide

9.)All GM's must vote every 12 Hours.

10.) GM's Must Be Active At ALL Times.
Consequences if Broken: First Warning- Talked to About. ,Second Warning- Demote One Level Third Warning- Removed as a GM.

*GM Rules can edited at any time without notice.


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