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Player Rules. [New]

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Player Rules. [New] Empty Player Rules. [New]

Post  Dark on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:58 pm

- No Hacking - This is obvious the consequences are a permanent ban with an IP ban, no exceptions.

- No abuse of any glitches or faults you may find in the game - Please report those immediately, abusing them WILL result in a ban. Depending on the magnitude of the glitch this may be punishable with a week~permanent ban.

- No harassment - You will be warned if reports are legitamate, banned if persistent. Racist jokes are harassment if the person takes offense, so choose carefully who you joke around.

- No advertising of other servers - If you're just talking about them a lot you will be warned, if you're literally spamming "pls j> my server" you will be permanently IP banned.

- No KSing (kill stealing) - If you are KSing persistently you may be banned, if you are getting 1 or 2 reports you may just get warped away.

- No abuse of GMs - This includes things like begging for res/warp/items/mesos and more. No means no!

- Do not accept "godly" items that are GM spawned unless as an event prize - If a GM spawned items are given to you, report immediately! (With a screenshot preferably) If you are found with such items on your account that cannot be accounted for you WILL be banned. Consider this your warning. Keep in mind you need to help the GMs and admins to their job, if there is a rogue GM, TELL US!

- Scamming is not allowed - If you are found scamming it will result in a week ~ permanent ban.

- Please do not insult our staff by comparing them to monkeys - It's quite disrespectful as we'd be able to type the works of Shakespeare much faster.

-Please do not Edit your client in ANY way, its really easy to find out and if it does you will be immediately banned in game.

Finally, we reserve the right to ban you for anyone reason we see fit, however if a GM bans you without you offending any of the listed rules above, you may appeal to be unbanned, you WILL be told why you were banned if you appeal.


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